Based in Bridgend, Wales, are Bone (Guitar / Vocal), Wayne (Percussion / Piano) and Jodie (Keyboard / Vocal) who form the electro-rock band goldbringer.

goldbringer - electro-rock from England


Slicing out their own piece of granite goldbringer combine both the fantastical and the raw as the trio offer a landscape of manganese rock that floats in formulations of blazing meteorites that burn around the room as galactic-rock meets grunge.

The slicing percussion and melted vocals are approached by the métier of elongated guitar as synthetics maintain an equilibrium of trajectory and the audience is left in enthralled awe as the elements of goldbringer oppose each other akin to the Large Hadron Collider spinning particles around the CERN tunnels resulting in an impact of significant intrigue.

goldbringer aim to provide home audiences with music to fill the ears with progressive music that the longer lingered the more it grows. A difficult task in a world of sound-bites and I raise my hat to them for furrowing their own burrow and suggest this is a band worth spending the time to get to know as they do not seek to offer instant replenishment rather longer lasting sustenance, which I think they achieve admirably.


Telling the Truth – Goldbringer is available on iTunes.*

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