Gold Wolf

Gold Wolf from London in England is the indie-rock trio of Tom (Guitar / Vocals), Dan ( Bass / Vocals) and Ross (Drums).

Gold Wolf- rock from England

Gold Wolf

The refreshing up-beat mood of Gold Wolf is infectious and as the sounds filter across the room, so things appear brighter. Pulling together a disparity of influences, it will depend on when you were first listening to music as to which decade you will feel this reminds you of, but whatever your own answer there is something infectious about it that just wants you to listen to a little bit more.

While nestling with one foot in easy listening rock the trio also have a foot in the gravel and it is the scuffing stones that mark out the music for extended consideration. Gold Wolf have undergone a transition in their short life – The start of this year began with a name change from Tom Turbine – and a shift to a more rock focussed style, the make-over in emphasis has worked well for the trio.

The new direction has equally seen them with enhanced confidence, hence listener engagement and with a European tour starting in October along with a second single – Joanne Joanne. Gold Wolf is a band who you can expect to hear much more of in short order.


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