Gold Phoenix – Oh So Hard – Single Review

The English sludge trio Gold Phoenix released the single Oh So Hard on the 8th.

Gold Phoenix

Gold Phoenix

Akin to traipsing through gloopy mud – Oh So Hard is a track that should perhaps become an anthem for UK rain-soaked festivals – give me a minute to remove my squelching boots before I come back to this…

…stretching to a margin of error at five and five sixths minutes Oh So Hard is one of those tracks that when you are in to it, you never want to get out of it. The sticky splatters squelch over the walls as the intoxicating dampness of the bass wraps around the ankles while the guitar sheers in echoing hazy reverb over itself as the vocal provides a luscious emotive texture and not for the first time I highlight the drum kit which weighs between skin strung so loosely it puddles inside the far reaches of the carcass and others which are taught enough to break the wrist of the unwary with the sharp retort. All in all creating a track that when it comes to conclusion the listener just needs to play again with even greater sub-woofer injection and volume.

When you find the hairs on your arms waving in the breeze from the speakers you have the pitch and your location just right.

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