Godfrey-Turner Overdrive – Awake – Single Review

Godfrey-Turner Overdrive –  also abbreviated to G.T.O. is an alt-rock quintet from Australia.

Godfrey-Turner Overdrive

Godfrey-Turner Overdrive

Due for official release on the 13th of November is the single Awake.

Some-what progressive  / contemporary in nature, whilst the listener senses they probably need to straighten the clothes they do not feel the need to wear full evening dress to enjoy Awake as Godfrey-Turner Overdrive add a scuff to a style of rock that makes you feel older and wiser for having it in your collection.

The quintet layer the sounds with an extra topping of creamy guitar which gives the track its sophistication and underneath you will hear the more elemental rock on which the number is built that, for me, makes Awake a three minute journey worth taking more than once.

Godfrey-Turner Overdrive are a group of capable musicians who are able to balance the need for a connection with their audience, whilst not being afraid to ask them, in turn, to raise their game to meet the music.

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Awake – Single – Godfrey-Turner Overdrive is available on iTunes.*

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