GOBUZLI from London in England is a psychedelic rock band comprising Tallulah Jones (Vocal), Guy Cooper (Drums) and Andrea Rocca (Guitar / Synths).

GOBUZLI - psychedelic rock from England


Compositions leave the listener more perplexed than when they started as GOBUZLI deliver intense globules of dreamscapes to explore. Unashamedly challenging, the whole packaging is wrapped in confusion, however that isn’t to say that what reached the ears isn’t a pleasure, as it most certainly is.

Whilst tripping out on aural magic mushrooms, the listener is not left in wandering monologues of vacuous egoism, as the tracks are composed to deliver a purpose, which, whilst difficult to fathom, is discernible and in my view it is worth suspending rationale thought-process to allow the brain to flow with the output. Pieces can be nibbled in isolation, but the real experience comes from taking big mouthfuls of the psychotropics and spend plenty of time, listening to tracks careening one off the other and their ten track LP Abstract Origami Black Belt is as good a place to start as any.

Although having been around a few years GOBUZLI seems to have had a stop start experience and I for one hope they will be able to find some continuity and unleash more of their thoughts on an unsuspecting world in short order. You can tell I enjoyed this as it has taken me until the final sentence to comment on the pesky capitalisation.


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