Go Exploring

Go Exploring is the alt-edm solo act of  Matthew Scime originally from Buffalo in the USA.

Go Exploring alt-edm from the USA

Go Exploring

Taking the name Go Exploring to heart Matthew is something of an itinerant traveller and can currently be found in Bangkok, Thailand.

Combining influences from the Far East with standard fare EDM and dropping in some psychedelic twists, turns the out-put into a relaxing space in which to flake out for a while.  Not that Go Exploring has been resting with the music, having released five EPs /LPs over the past year.

Very much an indie influenced artist originally the sounds mix in instruments and vocals with the electronics to afford the listener music that doesn’t have a generic feel to it. Despite the number of tracks on the prodigious release schedule there is considerable variation to the out-put which makes a lengthy run through an experience of changing shapes which, whilst ever calming, do contain surprises along the way.

I have spent more time looking out of the window into the dark than typing as the sounds of Go Exploring wash over my ears such is the nature of the music, which lets the mind wander, whilst remaining ever aware of the presence of the music.


Fluorescent Triangle – Go Exploring is available on iTunes*.

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