Gleeson – With My Motive Gone – Audio

The US alt-rock outfit Gleeson released the LP Curse My Lucky Stars yesterday.



A broad ranging body of work, Curse My Lucky Stars lasts for forty minutes. Tracks travel from symphonic string led pieces, through brass instrument featuring chorale marches, by way of ballads, punctuated rock & roll and more besides. The listener doesn’t leave the album reeling from disorientation, rather reaching for repeat play, as the septet plus guest musicians deliver an LP of resounding success.

The fifth track on the LP – for me has the reach of Curse My Lucky Stars encapsulated as the melancholic vocal is beguiled by the instrumental accompianement with tempo, chord changes  flats, sharps and naturals permeating through the room allowing the just under four and three quarter minutes to take the listener on an emotional odyssey.

Curse My Lucky Stars (available on bandcamp) is an album well worth adding to the collection, as, whatever your mood – you will find a moment and would also serve well as a the must have accessory if you ever find yourself packing for an isolated desert island.

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