Glass Vaults – Life Is The Show – Video

Glass Vaults is an ambient-synth duo from New Zealand.

Glass Vaults - Life Is The show

Glass Vaults

First introduced in 2012, Glass Vaults, have ever sought to develop with their reflection of self-flagellating brooding commentary which as each iteration surfaces, so, the duo stretch the concept to more philosophical status.

From the LP Sojourn, the second of the eleven tracks –  Life Is The Show, inveigles its way into the minds eye of the audience as the approaching seven minute journey grows ever more melancholic with each passing bar.

The luscious velvety textures of sound draw the listener into the washes of synthetics as the video for Life Is The Show commentates on the continued, alarmingly, high suicide rates of those faced by the rampant homophobia that still persist in 2016 – in  a world that likes to blinker itself and pretend the issue is non-existent.

Sojourn – Glass Vaults is available on iTunes.*

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