Glass Horses – Red Dawn – Video

The English dark-gaze quartet Glass Horses were introduced at the tail end of last year.

Glass Horses - Red Dawn

Glass Horses

From time to time I discover myself drawn in to a thread of commonality and akin to the article yesterday about Deaf ChonkyRed Dawn is also a live recording, of a song not yet revealed in anything other than live format – again not of the highest quality yet divining completely the essence of the music as the creators deliver a song in the vein it was written rather than as someone else defined in a Studio.

Though I really shouldn’t let my cynicism run away with itself too far as the live audience experience relies to a great extent on ability of the sound technician at a venue along with for those of us listening to a recording of the live event – unless recorded straight from the mixer – in the quality of recording device used.

Leaving all that to one side I am led to believe that Glass Horses are still in the process of finalising details for their début EP and Red Dawn is anticipated to be on the release.

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