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Glass Horses is an English dark-gaze quartet.

Glass Horses

Glass Horses

Starting out on their journey Glass Horses have made a few tracks available thus far and packaged together a self produced and recorded eponymous four track EP earlier in the month.

Not material to pull out at a 21st Birthday celebration, Glass Horses deliver a sound that is best served with curtains tightly drawn in a room lit by a waning candle.

On the closer on the release – Low – the riveting bass murmurs akin to an ill-tempered coven of witches casting spells of foreboding, giving the material its darkness, underlined by an equally morose percussion that provides a menacing presence from which a spiralling guitar scatters shadowy flashes of glowing malcontent whilst keys eerily ebb in and out of earshot. The dark-cloak of the structure frames the duality of spectral vocals which hypnotically transfix the listener as they guide the audience towards the sacrificial altar.

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