Giskard an electro-rock band from Grimsby in England is Laura Gale (Vocals), James Steer (Synths), Mark Ramsden (Bass), Adam Berryman (Guitar) and Mark Wollington (Drums).

Giskard - electro-rock from England


Giskard have a retro-futuristic sound, which is something of an oxymoron, but there we go. Listening to the material, including the new five track EP coming out tomorrow Neon Klaatu! and their eponymous début ten track LP the audience is left with a sense of ’80s sci-fi film rock riffs. The synthesisers distribute evocations of sensory exploration, whilst percussion and guitars resonate of solid metal rock giving the band a vague familiarity without defining the music as any one influence in particular. Vocal completes the sound with appropriate tonality. The overall effect being music which demands attention and respect.

Giskard have worked hard on the line-up to ensure they are able to perform their recorded material live without needing to resort to pre-programmed backing, which is of credit and intensifies the connection between audience and musicians.

The quintet are quietly establishing a solid audience from disparate musical areas as the band combines space and metal along with cloaking moody textures to deliver a sound that intensifies in the brain the longer the music plays.


Giskard tracks are available on iTunes*.

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