Gioumourtzina – Chrysostomou Smyrnis – Audio

The Greek experimental-electronica outfit Gioumourtzina will release their début LP – Blakk Metall on the 22nd.



From the album (which is available on bandcamp) the penultimate of the eight – flickers around the room as though projected through a tape which is held together by pieces of sticking-plaster resulting in a sound that splices together at strange angles. It is these discordant noises-off which gives the just over four and a half minutes number the ability to hold the attention and the underlying steady buffer of the electronic loop, resultngly, given more impact.

Gioumourtzina draw their influences from a wide spectrum including the latest EDM and the oldest traditional folk, which is reflected in their output that, while pushing around musical ideas, also has a timeless sense of familiarity – giving the material its intrigue.

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