Ginger Root – Two Step – Single Review

The US hushed-rock project Ginger Root released the single Two Step on the 8th.

Ginger Root

Ginger Root

Akin to the flavours in the name of the musical entity Two Step (available on bandcamp) calmly and elegantly slips through the speakers prior to filling the room with a warm texturing which builds in intensity prior to quietly slipping back in to its dinner-jacket and departing with as little fuss as it arrived.

Ginger Root creates music which is easily ingested and potentially ignored as listless, though so to do would be remiss as – underpinning the compositions are subtle and immensely satisfying layers. To sort of maintain the food analogy: There is the immediately presentationally attractive ‘fast-food’ radio play music which on second bite in reality tastes as bland as the first bite – then there is 족발 (Jokbal) with its infusion of ginger root.


For more music you may ordinarily not consider, Emerging Indie Bands on Google+ is a fair source.

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