Ghosts Of Home

Ghosts Of Home is the New Jersey (USA) alt rock trio of Darren Kosinski (Guitar / Vocals), Matthew Woods (Bass / Vocals) and Luciano Nascimento (Drums / Percussion).

Ghosts Of Home - alt-rock from The USA

Ghosts Of Home

A pent up frustration of a Society of injustice steams out of the speakers as Ghosts Of Home start to play. Whilst there is a sadness cloaking the sounds, there is also a message of hope as a chink of light is allowed to pierce the oppressive clouds.

Only a year into their journey the trio have been able to clearly define their message and wrap it inside a distinguishable layer which features as the instrument of choice, the drum-kit, surrounding which swirl guitars and vocals. This clarity of direction and focus has enabled the band to release a new EP – Picking Locks – and concentrate on creating well structured compositions. Unafraid to bring in alternative instruments, and turn their hand to acoustic songs to add context to the tracks, Ghosts Of Home have a sound which will ideally suit fans of rock with harmonies.

Whilst musically, when you take a listen (and unusually, I ask you to take a listen to two songs to demonstrate their versatility), you will understand that the out-put by Ghosts Of Home, doesn’t sit in my natural territory, but that is because music is a personal taste. However they have much to commend them and there can be no doubt that this a group of musicians able to both compose and deliver exactly what it says on the tin and I would hope they establish a greater following in short order, as the trio have much to offer the world of music.


Picking Locks EP – Ghosts of Home is available on iTunes*.

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