Georgee Landy – Half The *Ish – Single Review

Georgee Landy is an English beat-poet.

Georgee Landy

Georgee Landy

Recently to be released was the song Half The *Ish which ponders of the changing nature of interpersonal relationships, with many finding the shift from physical connection to flat screen connectivity is a ‘natural evolution’ whilst considering the dynamics of the ever growing impact of virtual reality and where that will fit in to the psyche.

Neither critical nor supportive of the realities of a world in which physical connections are perceived, quite often, as of less import than digital codecs – Half The *Ish extrapolates the processes of pixelation to a world in which the world itself becomes as envisaged by a tech-provider – though pointing out that humans are living breathing beings not binary coding.

Backing vocals are the voice of English singer Bex Grant.

Bex Grantsocial media page

Georgee Landysocial media page

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  1. About time too!
    Clearly a talent in the making ready to break out.
    Good luck George.

  2. Well done George . Seriously well bloody done !!!!

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