Gena Rose Bruce – Coming Down – Single Review

The Australian sorrowful-rock creator Gena Rose Bruce releases the single Coming Down tomorrow.

Gena Rose Bruce

Gena Rose Bruce

A scrunched blues-ballad of dour soundtrack (available on bandcamp) that for its tears fills the listener with a feeling of sorrowful remorse as it strides though the room stamping dark footprint in its wake and the audience, if they have ever lived a real life, finds commensurate reflective connectivity and is unlikely to leave anyone who actually is sentient with a dry eye by its conclusion as it spears of the foibles of the realities of daily life, where what seems so opportune at one moment, on reflection surfaces as a tragedy of self-inflicted harrowing maligned connections. Yet, for its very sadness of trope leaves each and all feeling a sense of catharsis and quiet recomposition of being.

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