Gavin Chappell-Bates – Bad Faith / Good Faith – Single Review

The English agit-rock creator Gavin Chappell-Bates is finalising details of the LP – The Last One.

Gavin Chappell-Bates - Bad Faith / Good Faith

Gavin Chappell-Bates

Each composition featured has been of different texturing and the song Bad Faith / Good Faith, which is being released as a stand alone single on the 8th of December (available on bandcamp), with its indie-dance vibe, is no exception to the pattern.

Whilst simultaneously inviting the listener to the dance-floor in a good mood Bad Faith / Good Faith equally implores the audience to stop being herded in to ‘acceptable’ silos of  behaviour as the lyric laments of a world in which living a life which is true to ones own beliefs is de facto the wrong thing to do unless they fit the proscribed uniformity of thought process.

Whether you listen to the song ignoring the dance invitation and preferring to ingest the lyric in contemplative mood I merely posit spending time in company will not be time you will regret spending.

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