Gap Dream – Rock And Roll – Audio

Gabe Fulvimar from the USA performs under the space-dream name Gap Dream.

Gap Dream

Gap Dream

From the dozen track LP This Is Gap Dream – the second – Rock And Roll is more rolling than rocking as the hazy electronics cast a warm spell around the audience as it buzzes around the ears whilst the angst riven vocals lay astride to the humming waves of electrostatic creating their own sparks of self-immolation in a three and a fifth minutes of cantilevered weights which leaves the listener both inflated and enervated from the journey.

The mystical incantations that are serried from the speakers despite leaving a discombobulated audience, or perhaps because of,  rather than repelling has a magnetism that draws the listener desiring to hear more from the LP.

This Is Gap Dream – Gap Dream is available on iTunes.*

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