Galaxy 7

Galaxy 7 is the electro-rock performer Daisuke Tsutsui from Tokyo in Japan.

Galaxy 7 - electro rock from Japan

Galaxy 7

After time with a mainstream major record label signed band in 2008, he headed out on his own with Galaxy 7 which could almost be defined as metal electro. Wildly sawing guitar is met with equally frenetic electronics as Daisuke takes the audience on a sparking rumbustious journey of sound.

High energy tracks frequently extend for up to nearly seven minutes, but even then it seems too short as although there are loops of samples they are enlivened by the guitar and percussion which keeps the music moving forwards. On live performance he does use additional players, for the extensive instrumentation he performs himself on recordings, to package the show as a visual treat. As importantly on recording, without the visual entertainment there is plenty to enjoy.

The variety of ideas that Galaxy 7 deploy, give the audience more than repetitions as tracks offer different experiences and his utilisation of orchestral classicism in addition to rapidly progressing sounds gives Daisuke the ability to create solidly based compositions.

Appearing from time to time in Europe by invitation, which is a testament to the far reaching music that is Galaxy 7 and I look forward to more over the coming years.


Eye of the Dragon Who Wished To Be a Man – Galaxy 7 is available on iTunes*.

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