@fter_Maths is an alt-rock band from Athens in Greece comprising Decy Belu (Vocals), Duru (Bass), Johnny K. (Guitar), Thanos S. (Keyboard) and Gino A. (Drums).

@fter_maths - alt-rock from Greece


The music brings to mind thoughts of early the early ’80s and mid nineties which @fter_Maths have managed to spruce up to bring to the listener some growling guitar / bass combinations that sweep around the room. The solid percussion keeps the sounds on course, whilst the synth is deployed as part of the whole giving it a central role in the compositions. Above all this rises an unmistakeable vocal which provides a piquant counterpoint to the material and the full complement allows @after_Maths to provide tracks that keep the listener involved with the twists and turns that result.

Although @fter_Maths has been around a few years now, there is a sparsity to recorded material, which is partly due to line-up changes, although I believe a début LP is in the wings, which will find them in a slightly different space than previous material. With fortune, this will afford the band a higher profile and exposure, as the music that is available for those not able to see them live is engrossing.

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