FTC Compliance Statement

Emerging Indie Bands receives introductions from bands and those related to bands in request for considering the band for review.

As part of this introduction process as is standard across the industry we often receive digital or hard copy versions of material for which members of the public would normally be expected to make payment, to enable us to consider music for review.

In addition we do receive invitations to live performances for which members of the general public may be expected to make payment.

We also receive payments through paid articles on the website – and these are clearly indicated at the top of any such article that the particular article is a sponsored post.

In addition to writing about bands, posts may contain links to off site channels for purchasing materials and where these links will result in Emerging Indie Bands receiving a commission this will be clearly stated in the post.

Links to the side of posts in the general framework of the website are typically remunerated.

For more information on our privacy policy and the following of off site links please see here.

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