Fresh Snow

Fresh Snow is the new-romantic quartet of Brad Davis (Guitar/ Vocal), Andy J. Lloyd (Bass), Jon Maki (Drums) and Tim Condon (Synthesizers) from Ontario in Canada.

Fresh Snow - new-romantics from Canada

Fresh Snow

Oozing seductive sounds with a come-on finger Fresh Snow pull the listener into a body sway of intemperate sexuality as a de-robing synth tantalizes, whilst sleazy bass thrusts deep grinds as a percussion pulsates with the oily massage of the guitar to the accompaniment of floating vocal breathes seductively.

Fresh Snow delivers a sound-track of voyeurism to which the audience becomes those on whom espied as the quartet lay out the tempo for writhing bodies to intertwine. Despite taking music from gentle caresses to explosive finales within tracks, this is not music for a quickie, rather to savour for a night of elongated passion.

With three years behind them Fresh Snow are gathering a local base and deserving of a wider audience, which is perhaps only stalled by their lack of recorded material and most certainly a band to get to know now.


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