Free Believer – Our World – Audio

The English trippy-rock quartet Free Believer are finalising release details of the EP Vol: 1.

Free Believer - photo credit Trust A Fox Photography

Free Believer – photo credit – Trust A Fox Photography

Four distinct tracks make up their début EP with the quartet offering compositions that have as a common thread a slightly retrospective brit-blues analogue feel which slips through the room akin to an intravenous drip of psilocybe semilanceata.

The free-flowing instrumentation, which on occasion, includes: Saxophone; Trumpet and keys – alongside the breezing guitar that bends strings beyond breaking point; With the adroitly handled bass wrapping up distinctive low melodies; As the drum-kit wanders, without ever loosing step, in to eddies of its own making; Over which the vocal layers everything together with the refined ability of one that you just know would be able find juice extract in a barren desert.

Only their début reveal you may ponder? As I do too –  already Free Believer have managed to demonstrate unified proficiency many bands of extended extraction long seek yet fail ever to deliver.

By way of an introduction; The closer on the EP – Our World.

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