Frankly Benjamin – Simon Says – Audio

The US brass’n’roll septet are set to release the EP To Be Frank on the 1st of April.

Frankly Benjamin - Photo credit - Hayley Rose Harrington

Frankly Benjamin – Photo credit – Hayley Rose Harrington

Within the past couple of hours the first of the five tracks –  Simon Says surfaced. Before you hit play, clear some room for yourself to spiral in twinkling footsteps.

The focal point of a sustained vocal around which the music revolves has the larynx to meet the challenge of six other players chasing the limelight and I raise my hat to Caitlin Cook who not only sings but also plays guitar for being able to do what King Canute was unable, as the piano, strings, percussion and wind instruments melt into order.

With a jazzy undertow Frankly Benjamin are able to exist in high and low registers, giving the music a cut and thrust which spins the listener on gilded toes, whilst never over stressing the seven players, with each given space to perform.

Simon Says, I particularly enjoyed for its juxtaposition of the party room reference point with its more acerbic undertow of … if Simple Simon says… it perhaps is not the time to be following the leading step of a bureaucrat. Though to be fair to Frankly Benjamin, my interpretation of music does often take it to extreme of unintended anarcho-capitalist argument, as regular readers will be familiar.


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