Frank is a mod-rock quintet from Wirksworth in England comprising – Craig Wheeldon (Vocals), Garry McCabe (Rhythm Guitar), John Priestley (Lead Guitar), Andy Page (Bass) and Tom Furnival (Drums).

Frank - mod-rock from England


The sounds that thunder around the room remind of ’60s Mod and progressive rock as the pulsating music of Frank finds the listener split between donning a parka or allowing the washes of sounds to flow around the brain.

A solid wall of percussion and bass pummels the brain as the lead guitar joins in the punches to the face, which is pared down by a rhythm guitar that gives Frank an outstanding range of melodies that underpin the out-put, whilst vocal adds a distinct reference to Paul Weller, which gives the band a distinctive space. Given, as you know if you are a regular reader, The Jam is one of those nemesis bands of mine, it surprises me as much as it will you – that I am enthralled and have the quintet on my ‘must have’ playlist.

About a year old, sadly there isn’t much I have been able to hear and I hope Frank are able to rectify this in short order as those of us not local for live performances are missing out on an out-put that will appeal to an international audience.

There is a feisty edginess to Frank that captures the imagination as the driving sounds and delightful hooks find arms and legs flailing in syncopation.

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