Fragile Creatures

Adam Kidd (Vocals / Guitar), Aaron Neville (Keyboards / Vocals), Tom Alty (Guitar / Vocals), James Crump (Drums) and Adam Whittles (Bass) from Brighton in England form the melodic-rock band Fragile Creatures.

Fragile Creatures - melodic-rock from England

Fragile Creatures

A quintet who are able to take the listener on a wide journey of discovery, Fragile Creatures combine threads of influence, to deliver a sound which undulates from compression to extension much like the suspension system on a car travelling along the road and like the passenger who sits relaxed inside, they are equally adept at, ironing out the bumps in the road.

Whilst Fragile Creatures ever retain a glossy-sheen to the finish, there is never a sense that it is music to meet a market, rather material with which they have a personal connection, which happenstances to be buffered and polished.

Not something I would add to my ‘every-day playlist’, Fragile Creatures take a firm grip in the ‘relaxed evening collection’ as they are able to provide music that can form a core focus captivating attention, or, equally lay as a back-drop to a quiet burble of conversation with a soundtrack that remains in earshot.


Fragile Creatures…And Other Wild Things [VINYL] is available on Amazon.*

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