Fragile Creatures – The Meaning Of Life – Single Review

The English alt-rock quintet Fragile Creatures are planning on diving in to the studio for a second LP reveal later in the year.

Fragile Creatures - The Meaning Of Life

Fragile Creatures

Unafraid to test new ideas – word arrives that the new album will be digging in to a slightly different tool-box – The Meaning Of Life – being a sample. On each occasion they have featured Fragile Creatures have compacted their sound and taken coil to tauter spring.

Akin to bouncing on a gymnasium trampoline rather than a back garden model – The Meaning Of Life sharply recoils each lull, which previously squatted to heels prior to rebounding, firing the straight legged bounce to higher reach, resultingly, more expansive in display yet tighter in recoil.

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