Foxtales – Spider – Video

The English beatnik quintet Foxtales plan to release their début eponymous EP later in the year.



The only track I am able to share with you from the EP, which itself will be made available as a single on the 10th of June – Spider recalls of Lord Of The Flies. Simultaneously carefree stomping around a camp-fire, whilst a malevolent undertow raises the shackles keeping the listener both daubing their face with paint and donning kaftan, whilst secreting a thugee knot into the belt for protection.

Foxtales deploy two mandolins and much like all of the bands previously reviewed who utilise the mandolin are able to inveigle subtle mood changes and as the quintet use two, so they are also able to create a sound of divergent ideas through the intricacy of the instrument.

When I am able to let you know more of the EP, I will be delighted so to do.

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