Four Thousand Dollar Ham Napkin – Wolf Biter – Audio

The English indie-grunge trio Four Thousand Dollar Ham Napkin release the LP Lemon Party! on the 30th.

Four Thousand Dollar Ham Napkin

Four Thousand Dollar Ham Napkin

Those who get out to see live music in the Southwestern England are in likelihood to have come across Four Thousand Dollar Ham Napkin where they regularly perform. For those of us not geographically nearby it is with some pleasure, that after a lengthy gap since the three track single – Party Hat – they are releasing Lemon Party! (available on bandcamp).

The release offers a pithy rumble of unrelenting guitar that fizzes through the room as stonking drum-kit snaps at the ears with the bass growling menacingly from which the vocal (sometimes solo – sometimes as a duo) gives the compositions a tint of emo – making for a release well worth grabbing hold of on availability.

Although I have had the opportunity to take a listen to the approximately nineteen minutes long LP, I am only able to share one particular song with you – the opener – Wolf Biter, which is a decent representation of what to expect, though my pick of the release is the closer Scared Of The Swings – predominately because the bass gets a greater run out and longer stay readers know I am always a fan of the lower notes.

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