Foreign Television

Originally from Haverfordwest in Wales now based in Moscow, Russia, is the solo creator Francis Allen who releases his ambient shoegaze under the name of Foreign Television.

Foreign Television - ambient shoegaze from Wales

Foreign Television

Inside recognizable parameters Foreign Television is a flowing viscosity of sounds each melting into the other like melting waxes and the listener is invited to settle back and let the mind flow in seamless transitions. A variety of timing, electronics and instruments are displayed to the accompaniment of a reflective vocal, each transitioning like a Hubble Telescope image of a nebula of unfathomable distance.

What I recall most of Haverfordwest is take the M4 west out of London and keep going west until – well you hit ‘The’ roundabout, go straight on the A48 keep heading West on the A40 and when you reach the end of the road – that is Haverfordwest and somehow it seems so appropriate as that is a journey to take as the sun sets over London, take your time in mid-summer and the sun will be rising as you reach the outskirts after a drive in the peace and quiet of the night and that is how Foreign Television strikes me –  languid liquidity.

A debut LP the 10 track 43 minute Youthless is an exemplar of weightless floating in space.


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