Foreign Shores

Foreign Shores a shoegaze outfit from Chicago in the USA is Nick Rynott (Vocals / Guitar), Nick Reuille (Guitar), Dominic Gaddini (Drums) and Eric Plançon (Bass).

Foreign Shores - Shoegaze from the USA

Foreign Shores

Find a comfortable posture and relax to the echoes and reverb that is Foreign Shores. The music immerses the brain in velvet as the sounds drift around the room like the imperceptible movements of gently moving cumulus clouds forming new shapes in the sky. The transitions slide across each other smoothly affording the listener the time to immerse themselves in the imagery.

The soft interplay between the quartet allows the two guitars to merge into one and the supporting structure of percussion and bass form gently formed frames within which the music flows. The vocal is equally subsumed giving the whole effect of listening to the vestiges of a sound just passed.

Foreign Shores retain a control on the compositions ensuring they do not drift into flights of fancy and the audience is offered well structured material that has the feel of the extravagant without it ever becoming extraneous.

Relatively new on the scene it will be interesting to follow the journey of Foreign Shores and I wish them the best.


New View – Foreign Shores is available on iTunes*.

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