For What It’s Worth – Straw Man – Audio

Mike Beyer (Guitar), Chris Beyer (Guitar / Vocals), Cody Hermann (Bass) and Mike DiLello (Drums) from West Islip (USA) who form the indie-light band For What It’s Worth released the EP Heavy // Hollow on the 23rd.

For What It's Worth

For What It’s Worth

The five track EP (available on bandcamp) feathers through the room as though borne on owl wings barely stirring the air, yet, despite its ease of flight are deftly created and intricate compositions which are, rather than on first light – simple constructions, complex layers of texturing in which the ears discover multidimensional interweaving of instrumentation and voice with the music having a mesmeric, somewhat ethereal, attraction.

Influences of indie-dance, maths-rock and roots rock are combined in to calmly delivered and consummate pieces of music – my pick of the release being the second – Straw Man.

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