Folks & Pines – Where Have We Gone – Single Review

The Canadian acoustic-folk quartet Folks & Pines were introduced last year.

Folks & Pines - photo by Bianca Des Jardins Photography

Folks & Pines – photo by Bianca Des Jardins Photography

The follow-up to the EP – Eyes Have Changed of last year – the track Where Have We Gone surfaced on Monday. When last featured I mentioned that the quartet were of sombre mood and even with a switch of vocal to that of higher register, or perhaps because of it, the mournful malaise seems even more pronounced.

In Where Have We Gone the instrumentation is given greater prominence and from time to time the drum beats at the forefront to clear the bracken underfoot with a second voice joining in through elements prior dropping in to silence, allowing Folks & Pines to deliver an even more expressive track with phrases that linger in the mind long after the music has quietened.

Where Have We Gone is a track to listen to whilst gazing up at the sky at night in a space where there is no light pollution to appreciate the vastness of the allusions and it is perhaps unsurprising to discover that the quartet reside in Canada within reach of dark-spots and able to readily contemplate the scale of the imperceptibility of the world, never mind an individual in the spaciousness of the Universe.

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