FLING – Just A Dog – Single Review

The English flamboyant-indie quintet FLING released the single Just A Dog on the 7th.

FLING - photo credit Rowan Allen

FLING – photo credit Rowan Allen

The music enters the room with a restrained flourish prior to developing in every increasing waves of resplendence, yet, FLING are sufficiently able to pull in the reigns and deliver a song, which, rather than falling over in to an ostentatious gaudiness discovers the listener being delighted by the good humour and sleight of hand as, like a skilled table magician, they are able to judge that ‘enough’ means leaving the audeince wanting more rather than less.

Synthetics, guitars, percussion and vocals are able to deliver, in Just A Dog, a retrospective soundtrack that one can only hope foretells of an LP to follow in short order.

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