Flaming June – The Women’s Battalion – Single Review

The English celtic-folk trio Flaming June release the single The Women’s Battalion on the 8th of October.

Flaming June

Flaming June

Today is taking on the appearance of a day in which I feature musicians who have lain dormant in recording music since 2015 this being the second in succession, though on this occasion unlike BC Camplight, Flaming June have not previously featured, which is a sadness and mystery all of itself as I do highly recommend immersing yourself in their beguiling ballads, which akin to The Women’s Battalion, are available on bandcamp.

The Women’s Battalion celebrates the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act in the UK which gave women over the age of thirty who were householders the right to vote and ninety years since the Equal Franchise Act 1928 which gave both sexes equal voting rights – but enough of the history, what about the music…

A lilting composition in which percussion and guitar shine spotlight on an evocative vocal while percussion affords a country dance tempo that invites the recumbent listener to become an active participant.


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