Five State Drive

Five State Drive an indie-rock band from Orlando in the USA is Mike Battista (Drums), Jeff Borer (Guitar), Tae Kim (Guitar / Vocals), Branden Wycuff (Bass) and James Aspinall (Vocals).

Five State Drive - indie rock from the USA

Five State Drive

Formed in late summer ’13 Five State Drive have a limited amount of material to hear, but of what there is, has plenty to keep the ears occupied. The percussion scrambles across tracks like a crab making a dash for the sea alongside which the guitars ripple melodics and roar riffs giving the outfit an intense urgency, whilst simultaneously a sense of self-containment and calmness.

Amongst the few pieces of music lay some acoustic renditions and it is when taking a listen to this that the sympathetic nature of the players comes to the fore and listeners are provided with the evidence that these are decent composers who can temper their sounds, which gives the immediate impression that given the right commitment the quintet could travel some considerable distance inside the vagaries of the music industry.

They have started life with enthusiasm and ability, time and confidence will be the final arbiters of the potential of Five State Drive, they thus far seem to be doing all the right things and I wish them the best for 2014 and beyond.


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