Fire Behaving As Air – Ripples – Video

The Australian molten-rock band Fire Behaving As Air released the LP Vapour Trail last month.

Fire Behaving As Air - Vapour Trail - artwork

Fire Behaving As Air – Vapour Trail – artwork

Fire Breathing As Air is a band I must come back to at a later date in full, but for now – serving as an introduction – the seventh of the eleven tracks on Vapour Trail (available on bandcamp) – Ripples.

A darkly hued drift of sound eases its way into the room as Fire Behaving Air create the effect of the various sections of the track sliding between each other akin to slow motion version of an avalanche breaking down the side of the mountain. For its very fascination, though you know you should step aside, you will find yourself transfixed and standing directly in the path of the oncoming onslaught and as Ripples evolves so does the momentum and volume ever increasingly gather pace and loudness – before suddenly collapsing into sprays of melt-water.

Vapour Trail is approaching an hour of shifting landscapes well worth burying yourself within.

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