Fierce Bad Rabbit

From Fort Collins in the USA emerge Chris Anderson (Vocals / Guitar / Piano), Alana Rolfe (Viola / Vocals), Dayton Hicks (Bass) and Max Barcelow (Drums) who form the alt-rock band Fierce Bad Rabbit. On live performance Nathaniel Marshall adds keys.

Fierce Bad Rabbit - Photo by Sara Jayy Photography

Fierce Bad Rabbit – Photo by Sara Jayy Photography

Fierce Bad Rabbit add multitudes of textures to what is essentially rock based constructs and the resulting out-put takes the listener on a wondrous journey of discovery. The senses are filled with a tacahamac ingestion as the quartet provide the brain with an enveloping wrap of calmly delivered ideas.

Whilst Fierce Bad Rabbit create tunes with complexities of layers, the audience is left with the sense that they are swimming serenely, which enables the mind to relax into the downy pillows of sound. There is an irony between the name and the style of music and it is little touches like this that immediately creates a warmth between performers and listener.

Fierce Bad Rabbit do not over-extend the variations of music that they could potentially generate, allowing themselves the space and time to explore their central sounds and whilst not music to take for a rave in park, certainly something to put on the playlist for a gathering of friends.

A new half an hour eight track LP – Living Asleep is scheduled for release next month and certainly worth getting hold of when available.


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