FERAL KIZZY is a new-wave quintet from Long Beach in the USA comprising – Candice Kirk (Vocals), Brenda Carsey (Keyboards/ Vocals), Johnny Lim (Guitar), Kevin Gonzalez (Bass) and Mike Meza (Drums).

FERAL KIZZY - new-wave from the USA


From time to time music reaches my ears I find myself enraptured by and inevitably, as you know, that is likely to be anything I genre define as new-wave and FERAL KIZZY produce music that makes my heart pulse harder with absolute pleasure.

A sultry vocal breathes husky passion that seduces, whilst purposeful bass defines the buttress of sound that drives into the room. Percussion metes out the underpinning frustrations as guitar provides the orchestration to the pieces whilst the keys give the material its spacious exploration, as it is allowed the room to add the brushes of broad paint strokes.

FERAL KIZZY, provide a sound which is at once measured, whilst having the temper of emotional connectivity, allowing the quintet to produce well crafted music that hasn’t been left on the production cutting-room floor.

I have to confess, when I was met with two tracks released back in September of last year prefacing an LP that won’t be appearing until June the 26th, I became crestfallen, particularly as their last release, their eponymous EP was released in 2012. As ever my impatience to hear new material gets the better of me, I won’t ever change.

However having had the opportunity to take a listen to the ten tracks that will be on Slick Little Girl, despite the lengthy gestation period this is not going to be a release you should ignore as it that interminable delay wasn’t all about getting in ‘perfect’ but getting it all right.

I merely hope it won’t be another three years before the next FERAL KIZZY release surfaces, which given the change in bass player since the last release, would probably also mean a new line-up.

Not by any means my favourite track from the forthcoming release, but one of only two I am able to share with you.


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