Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale is Michele Puleio  (Vocals / Bass ), Rosario Russo (Guitar / Vocals), Davide Buzzi (Guitar / Keys) and Nicholas David Altea (Drums) an indie rock band from Alessandria in Italy.

Femme Fatale - indie rock from Italy

Femme Fatale

Delightfully structured material swoops out of the speakers like an eagle eyeing its prey as Femme Fatale who have a few years experience behind them now, using that knowledge to develop their tracks in waves of lush guitar, whilst keeping it moving forwards to hit the target.

Femme Fatale are another band who have languished in my email inbox for a few years now (February 2011), though others still awaiting a reply will be heartened that I have finally completed my 2010 emails, so am making steady, if slow progress…. Of equal interest is that despite their growing international appeal, particularly with return invitations to the UK, they are still looking for a label to work with and as I am aware there are many A&R Indie label readers of the website – these guys wouldn’t necessarily be averse to you making contact.

The melodic structures the band incorporates into the tracks can and do become fairly intricate yet remain easy on the ear which is a testament to their song-writing ability. Femme Fatale take Brit-pop to a warmer clime and inject it with Mediterranean sunshine to leave the audience a sense of well-being and on a personal note, as long as bands like Femme Fatale are able to find spaces in which to play there is still hope for us all.

Thanks Nicholas for making contact – I did get there in the end – sorry for the two and a half year delay.


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