Feiler – Some Time – Single Review

Feiler is a relatively new US downtempo project.

Feiler - photo credit - Noel Woodford

Feiler – photo credit – Noel Woodford

Only two songs are around, the most recent Some Time, was revealed this month.

An approaching four and two thirds minutes track of stuttering soundtrack that compacts and expands inside the rippling beat, which works surprisingly well as although the drum-loops afford the impression of buffering audio it is laid against a slowly drifting electronica and glimmering strings which create a juxtaposed calmness and luxurious texturing, while the hushed vocal whispers in the ears creating a hazy shading to the composition.

The two songs together, the other being God Knows – which appeared last month and is a glistening guitar led folk derived song of more expansive and melancholic countenance, signpost of a musician with some intriguing ideas to share and I look forward to following the development of Feiler over time.


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  1. Linda Sudduth

    ❤️❤️❤️Love this music❤️❤️❤️

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