Faun Racket

Faun Racket from Tallinn in Estonia is the electro-dance duo of Andres Lõo and Talis Paide.

Faun Racket - electro-dance from Estonia

Faun Racket

Be prepared to loose yourself in the flow of bassy electronics that is Faun Racket. There is something compellingly isolationist about the generous textures that float around the room, which finds the listener enveloped in their own consciousness amongst a crowd.

Whilst undoubtedly high-tech in production, there is equally something primevally raw in the out-put that draws the mind and it is their ability to create the basal from the complex that makes Faun Racket of considerable interest.  It is early morning as I type this, I wish it were late at night as this is music that compels of strobes flashing across the darkness.

The well paced tracks, whilst not overly long for the genre, typically running to four or so minutes, have the sense of being far longer, as the music slows down the tempo of the day in a stream of  luxuriant brooding sounds leaving the listener gently swaying to the aural landscape.


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