Far From Eden

Far From Eden is the acoustic rock quartet of Kimberly Weiss (Vocals), Nathan Goff (Backing Vocals / Guitar), Carissa Hays (Djembé) and Donnie Rose (Guitar) from Dayton in the USA.

Far From Eden - acoustic rock from the USA

Far From Eden

Given the fact of the songs reflecting on the realities of life one can only assume the choice of name Far From Eden with the very close references to Steinbeck and being way to the East of the Salinas Valley it is intended to draw a reference point. However that doesn’t make the compositions and output an intellectual conundrum as the quartet deliver sounds with easy approachability. Though equally they are able to lay down trails of bait to explore.

Staying in theme with the previous two articles Far From Eden are on the darker side of the spectrum with their decortication delicately exposing the innards for investigation. The stark nature of the acoustics afford the band the opportunity to deliver material which has a stark naturalism and accessibility which is quintessentially wrapped in a Pandora’s box of aphorisms, affording the listener the opportunity to gain more as each layer is unwrapped, yet equally satiating at each level.

Ever busy on the live performance circuit in their tenure, I would only ask that Far From Eden make the music more widely available to an international audience with additions of recorded material.


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