Fake Furs – Stranger In A Strange Place – Single Review

The US angst-rock duo Fake Furs released the single Stranger In A Strange Place on the 14th.

Fake Furs

Fake Furs

There is a warming caress to the thigh as the just under three and three quarter minute track licks its way into the room. One will either recoil in horror or succumb to the touches which wax and wane between tender fondness and sharp nail clawing and revel in the dripping candle liquorice.

A luxurious beat opens Stranger In A Strange Place (available on bandcamp) before heading towards the dungeon of a BDSM club sound-track with flowering imagery of Roy Lichtenstein colliding with the brutal photography of Robert Mapplethorpe.

The positioning of Fake Furs is that of societal commentator as they cast a shadow over a society in which the Dominating 1% welds lashes to a supplicating Subservient 99% and ask the question – how about turning the tables?

The dark evocations of rumbling tapestry don’t seek to find equilibrium, merely posit opposition and Fake Furs is a duo I look forward to coming back to in the near term.


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