Eye Steal – No End – Video

The Canadian darkwave project of Remi Monroe – Eye Steal – is finalising details of the LP From Worm To Ink for release later this year.

Eye Steal

Eye Steal

It appears that today is another of those demanding for apologies to one and all for late conveyance, this too has been long in abeyance in the winding entrails of my email inbox – though on this occasion from an initial introduction of November last year.

No End, from the forthcoming album which surfaced this month, is a dark platelet of oxygen starved blood in to which the listener is drawn to offer their own sacrifice to extend the dying breaths of an imposing composition which attests of an album that I anticipate to be an essential to the ‘music that makes a difference’ playlist.

Late as I may be, I highly recommend getting to know Eye Steal and look forward to being able to feature future material.


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