EXPLODING EYES – Madman’s Lament – Audio

The Irish acid-rock trio EXPLODING EYES released the two track single We Need Love on the 22nd.

Exploding Eyes

Exploding Eyes

The B side – Madman’s Lament finds EXPLODING EYES in a quiet moment of reflectivity with a track that slowly unfurls itself into the room before gathering felted moss that blisters into the room before, like a rolling stone, discarding its coating to re-explore the raw emotionality and in such formation the just over four minute track evolves. An intriguing insight into the more commodious spaces from which the trio find their inspiration which rarely comes to the foreground.

Perhaps, musically, a step away from usual fare, Madman’s Lament, nonetheless adds much to the catalogue of EXPLODING EYES.


We Need Love is available on bandcamp.

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