Everafter – Who You Are – Single Review

Everafter from England who I took a look at back in June are on the verge of a new release.

Everafter - Who You Are - artwork

Everafter – Who You Are – artwork

Dropping at the end of the month is the punchy Who You Are.

Opening with an ever deepening schism of bass and percussion that you need to check the floor isn’t caving in. The track continues to eviscerate as the vocal and guitar joins the excavating party and lilting above it lies an anthemic chorus which you will find hard not to join with as you reach for the air microphone.

Everafter have been able to craft a track which rattles the timbers, whilst equally making you want to be part of the ongoing effervescence. I rarely mention bridges in tracks, but in this instance the bridge does need its own highlight as it of particular strength.

A new video, which I have had the nod to share with you prior to its public listing, is highlighted for me by the red drums and more viscerally the jet black bass, oh and the cream six string does make sense too.

Everafter is a trio who have explored the visual dynamics and got it spot on, far more importantly – my thoughts – the music is top notch and should be added to your playlist the minute it becomes available.

For more thoughts on music – Emerging Indie Bands on Twitter is not a bad place to keep in touch.

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