Alexis Daperis (Vocals / Guitars), Stefan Daperis (Bass / Vocals) and Tim Wiltshire (Drums) from London, England, combine to form the indie-rock band Everafter.

Everafter - indie rock from England


Booming anthems rebound around the room as Everafter fill the ears with high-octane enjoyment. It helps that there is a resounding bass that rattles the sub-woofer, but even were that not the case I would enjoy the way the three merge easy going sequences with a delivery which gives the resulting out-put an effervescence that means I just can’t help but dance around the desk.

I often complain about music of the mid-Atlantic and whilst Everafter have clear references to the USA, they avoid what so many British bands end up with when combining US influences –  a vocal so mangled as to be something that emanates from the Sargasso Sea – as there is a genuine infectious enthusiasm that naturally feeds through the sounds. These guys aren’t trying to be something they aren’t.

Their début LP which came out in April, Everything Is One, I haven’t had the opportunity to hear in full, but judging by the three tracks I have listened to, I can’t think of any reason not to give it a spin.


Everything Is One – Everafter is available on iTunes*.

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