Evelyn Cools – Byron Bay – Single Review

Evelyn Cools is an England based, Belgian, alt-folk songwriter.

Evelyn Cools

Evelyn Cools

Sometimes performing with others, other times as a solo artist – the latest piece is the haunting full line-up track Byron Bay which slowly drifts around the room to the accompaniment of acoustic guitar, placid percussion and ghostly pianoforte.

The singular voice, with transfixing minor tones which warm the interior, feeds slowly into the cortex leaving the mind feeling it is supported on becalming reed beds in a sun-lit lagoon as the instrumentation slides around the listener in restful embrace. Gradually the muscles relax and the audience finds themselves drifting out to calm blue ocean with an invitation to explore the enormity of the universe having full trust that, despite the fragility, Evelyn Cools will protect from withering storms.


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