Eva Black – All For You – Single Review

The English blues-rock quartet Eva Black made their latest single available yesterday.

Eva Black

Eva Black

All For You is a track with a big sound as Eva Black open wide the structure of a gritty-blues number that soars around the room as though in a large stadium setting. This is not a sound to constrict to a set of earphones as All For You has the ability to fill the largest spaces and sounds better for it.

A solid anchor is laid by the precise bass that holds the structure together, this allows the drum to travel between setting the tempo and travelling around the kit as a flight guide for the guitars which break into luxurious soliloquies, without ever loosing the point of where the track is heading. The vocal, which has a smokers / whisky drinkers rasp gives All For You its grittiness.

Eva Black, in All For You, demonstrate their ability to create music that soars, without needing to put their foot on the accelerator pedal or the volume buttons as they have been able to capture a sound that holds the attention and fills the room with melodious power-blues.


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